Our company entered to its journey in automotive sector with tarding leaf springs for trucks in 1968. In order to meet needs fo those days YURTSAN started to its first manufacturing experience with producing spring pins and spring bolts in 1975. By the years passed YURTSAN increased its production variety adding spring brackets, spring shackles and spring levers (cradles). Until 1995 YURTSAN had grown its production by machining the outsourced casntig pieces and by adding new products from outsourced modellingc ompanies, decided to establish its own modelling unit and casting unit to increase customer satisfactoin. In 2002 YURTSAN decided to promote its products in overseas markets by esatblishing its export company named DHS DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. In 2004 YURTSAN was triggered to move its 60000 square meters opened and 7000 square meters closed plant in Konya Organize Industrial Zone to supply better service for its customers as an inevitable result of increase of both domestic and foreign customers, increase of its product variety and its huge stocks. In 2008, as a sign of giving importance to quality, YURTSAN crowned its products quality by receiving ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. In 2017 YURTSAN opened its branch office in Istanbul to provide an alternavtie service to its customers. Nowadays with its EAC certificated products, Y URTSAN currently has been producing not only spring brackets, spirng shackles, spring saddles, spring levers, bearing brackets, console brackets, hanger arms,stabilisers, balance arms, torsion bars, control arms, U-bolts, spring pins, spring bolts and spring bushes for all European trucks and also spring levers, spring brackets and container locks for trailers. YURTSAN has become an integrated company with its own modelling unit, casting unit, machinery unit, pipe bending and shaping unit, steel sheet cutting and shaping unit, montage unit and quality and productim provement units. With the help of its owned production units YURTSAN aims to continuously protect its long years gained prestigious brand by caring customer wishes and expectations and to provide solutions to its partners by adding new productso t its portfolio. WHY YURTSAN;

 • YURTSAN, provides the fastest product delivery to its customers with its flexible production planning. 

• YURTSAN offers reliable source and fast manufacturing time to its customer by providing the essential production processes in its plant. 

• YURTSAN is able to produce different product groups with the help of its multi-machine track and provides service to its customers alongside the product. 

•YURTSAN, both with the years of experience and also contributionso f its customers, makes useful changes on the products and produces long-lasting products. 

• YURTSAN employees, with the responsibility of working in a more than half a century aged company, put their signatures onto the products.

PRODUCT: Truck Steering,Suspension and Chassis Parts,Trailer Suspension Parts, Truck Leaf Spring Parts, Trailer Axle Mounting Parts, Spring Shackles, Spring Brackets, Spring Saddles, Spring Plates,Torsion Bars, Container Locks