KLAS AUTOMOTIV, a family business for 60 years, is an export company specialized in spare parts for passenger cars & light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and tractors with its experience and knowledge. With the OEM brands we export (VALEO-BOSCH-SACHS-FTE-TRW-MANN-HENGST-PIERBURG-SWF-FEBI-NISSENS-ERLING-CORTEGO-BEHR-GATES-MAHLE-FEDERAL MOGUL etc. & GEUNINE PARTS), KLAS branded (produced in 100% Turkey, quality OEM and OES) our spare parts, distributor and wholesaler customers in 36 countries around the world in the fastest way (max 4-6 weeks), with the most variety (25,000 different references), we sell the most affordable prices.

• Our vision
By providing integration in the international platform in the sector, the professionalism that suits the name of our company working is our main goal. Our product range with our experienced, professional, contemporary and dynamic structure, We are committed to constantly improving our quality and services.

• Our Mission
Valuable commercial products that make Klas Automotive reliable and high quality To deliver the best quality products to our partners at the most affordable price and in the fastest way. Also KLAS brand, we started out with the quality and superior performance of Turkish goods to the whole world.

PRODUCT: Clutch and transmission system (pressure-disc-ball-hydraulic centers-cardan shaft-joint-support), brake (pads-discs-hydraulic centers-caliper), heating and cooling (radiator-condenser-turbo radiatorwater pumps-rubber hoses-AC compressor and parts, air-conditioning filter), engine parts (piston-piston ring-slave clinder-bearing-crank-gaskets-eccentric shaft-rubber metal connection wedges-oil and fuel filters etc.), transmission and differential (synchromesh-gears-rubber metal connection wedges, etc.), suspension (rod-ball joint-rod shaft-shock absorber-rubber connection parts), ignition (spark plug-coil-injector, etc.), windscreen wiper and lifting (duster broom) handles-engine), lighting (headlight-signal-stop), bodywork and outer trim (hood-fender-panel-bumper-shutter-mirror etc.)