Birinci traces its roots back to early 70’s, founded as a machine shop in İstanbul. In 1988 first investment on forging press took place and until today the capacity reached to 22,000 tons. Birinci is one of the leading steel hot forged & machined ready to assemble / fit parts components manufacturers to both global leading OEMs and TIER I suppliers . Ford, Audı-VW , Mercedes/Daimler , MAN, Jaguar, Vibracoustic are the main references for Automotive Industry. Birinci is globally preferred by global OEMs thanks to its lowest manufacturing cost for weight ratio, reliability and high quality safety products that are mostly focused on chassis, steering, powertrain and driveline parts. In Kocaeli plant which has a 14k m2 closed (total 42k
m2) production site, Birinci employs more than 580 people and exports 60% of all products directly to Europe and North & South America. In order to expand its operations in global scale Birinci made investments both in Germany (2018) and USA (2020) . Quality control is a key focus for Birinci.

The Company has the capability to design and build, and deliver custom made assembly lines and servo presses. There are advanced quality tools and in-house lab facility on the premises.

PRODUCT: steel forging parts and casting parts – pitman arm,fender bracket,gear fork,towing eye,hinge,chain anchor, power step, wheel hub,console, suspansion parts ,bar pin, fasteners, assembly part, axle parts,